Wednesday, October 21, 2009

best films: #87: THE ENGLISH PATIENT (1996)

Previously ranked and blogged at #78
Before Titanic came along and stole major thunder as the most noted film romance of the 1990s, there was The English Patient. Jam-packed with performances from a host of film stars who I now wonder where they've run off to (Juliette Binoche anyone?), the movie is a feast all around. With impeccable leads played by the now-barely-seen Ralph Fiennes and the French-film-bound Kristin Scott Thomas (did anyone other than me notice how good she was in Tell No One?) and an unbeatable performance from Binoche (that won her the Oscar that year), the film hardly needed anymore assistance. And then there was the Academy Award-winning score from Gabriel Yared, cinematography from John Seale (The American President), and costuming from Ann Roth -- all of which were impressive in their own right, let alone tacked onto this epic wonder.

Standout Performance: Binoche steals the show -- case in point, Exhibit A (and yes, that's Lost's Naveen Andrews accompanying her). Now if only someone could get her to steal more of them.

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John T said...

You got this off by 76 slots. :)