Wednesday, September 30, 2009

best films: #98: THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE (2000)

Previously ranked and blogged at #85

Though mostly forgotten by Disney-philes, The Emperor's New Groove was a shining glimmer of hope amongst a dearth of messes that the studio had been pushing out (see: Atlantis). The primary reason it makes my list is its almost impossible and completely surprising ability to keep its audience laughing at a non-stop pace for its entire 70-odd minute run time. Sure, it's probably due to its near-ADD plot points, zingers, and physical comedy, but it is easily one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, which is something to be commended. The biggest asset of the movie, though, is its stellar voice cast. David Spade and John Goodman have proven now that they are twice as good as voice actors than when they're on-screen. And the huge assist from the hilarious Wendie Malick as Goodman's wife, Patrick Warburton as the dunder-headed Kronk, and Earth Kitt as the unforgettable villain Yzma certainly doesn't hurt its cause. I don't think there's any topping the scene when Yzma accidentally turns herself into a kitten. Pure comic gold.

Standout Performance: Kitt is fantastic as Yzma. She is completely hysterical, and this is my personal favorite performance of hers, animated or otherwise.

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