Monday, January 01, 2001

best films: #100: CHICKEN RUN (2000)

At the time I must admit I was slightly ashamed of my love for this movie.  But since Aardman has more than proven itself as a viable and reliable studio, I will unabashedly say, I love this movie! From the brilliantly animated bottom heavy chickens, to the devious performance from Miranda Richardson as the ominous Mrs. Tweedy, to the simple goofball laughs it provides viewers young and old, The Great Escape meets Wallace & Gromit proved a successful outing. It didn't hurt that Julia Sawalha, fresh off of (well, okay five years later, but whatever) the greatest miniseries of all time (playing giggling "silly girl" Lydia in Pride & Prejudice) took the starring role as trusty Ginger whose goal of escaping the clutches of Tweedy Farm for greener pastures paired with the accidental con-bird Rocky Roads (voiced by a pre-crazy Mel Gibson) and his notions of chickens flying.  Add to that the fantastic and whimsical claymation and the jaunty score from DreamWorks mainstay John Powell (that kazoo chorus always makes me chuckle), and you've got yourself an ageless romp that still looks good by today's standards 11 years later.

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