Monday, April 08, 2013

best of 2012: the original screenplays

We're getting closer to the end, folks. I'll be wrapping up my best films of 2012 features with the writing and score categories. And let's be real - these are often the most fun to discuss merits-wise, as well as the most impressive in many cases. Here are the originals:

1. Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon, The Cabin in the Woods

2. Craig Zobel, Compliance

3. Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master

4. Rian Johnson, Looper

5. Robbie Pickering, Natural Selection

6. Rashida Jones & Will McCormack, Celeste and Jesse Forever

7. Mark Boal, Zero Dark Thirty

8. Wes Anderson & Roman Coppola, Moonrise Kingdom

9. Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained

10. Martin McDonagh, Seven Psychopaths

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