Monday, September 28, 2009

best films: THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM (2007)

Previously ranked and blogged at #86
I've said it before, and here it comes again: 2007 is the new 1939 when it comes to film, as far as I'm concerned. And here's yet another piece of evidence -- this action series ended in the most genius of ways. The Bourne Ultimatum, of course assisted by fantastic action-movie performances from Matt Damon and Joan Allen, is one of those rare sequels that outdoes its predecessor(s). Aside from the fact that the direction from Paul Greengrass is utterly unique (and now copied ad nauseum) and the pace is almost impossibly rapidfire, the film is immensely entertaining and shockingly well-put-together August fare. While threat of a thrown-together fourth movie is on the horizon (How exactly will this story continue? Explanation please!), this trilogy has a true ending right here. It's called Ultimatum for a reason.

Standout Performance: Allen's Pamela Landy is calculating and a great sorta-villain. But exceptional work is something we've come to expect from her, of course.

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