Thursday, September 03, 2009

best films: ROMAN HOLIDAY (1953)

Previously ranked and blogged at #91
Rule of thumb for filmmakers:  when embarking upon a film based around the overdone and often-failing "fish out of water" scheme, use Roman Holiday as inspiration.  Casting two fantastic leads for the love story that can't be -- Audrey Hepburn is adorable and at her best in her Oscar-winning role, and Gregory Peck was absolutely robbed of awards contention -- is a necessity, it turns out.  And through some madcap adventures through Rome (and one or two hurt noggins due to blows to the head from stringed instruments), a pent-up princess and an American reporter find a love that wasn't meant to last more than a visit.  It's definitely my favorite picture from director William Wyler, and Eddie Albert is great supporting assistance as Peck's photographer.

Standout Performance:  Though popular opinion may point to Hepburn, I'm inclined to go with Peck.  I love his strong, silent type acting, and this is one of its best pieces of evidence.

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