Thursday, October 15, 2009

best films: #63: CHINATOWN (1974)

Previously ranked and blogged at #83
Aside from its genius throwback to early noir films and its stellar cast featuring my favorite Jack Nicholson and the underused Faye Dunaway, Chinatown is simply a page-turner of a flick. From the "my sister, my daughter" slapfest (I'll keep it at that for those of you who haven't seen this one) and the "nosy fella" moment with director Roman Polanski (again, I'll keep quiet), it's the gold standard for mystery movies. Released during an otherwise stellar year (see: The Godfather Part II), it was virtually ignored by the Academy (it was nominated for 11 and won only one!). There's nothing like reminiscing the 1970s, new Hollywood glory, and Chinatown is a must-watch. And Jerry Goldsmith's typically excellent score is not to be missed.

Standout Performance: This is Jack's show, as usual, and co-stars Dunaway and John Huston are clearly helpful supporting players.

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