Tuesday, December 15, 2009

decade revisited: 2000, part 2

The Nominees: Clearly this was the year of the old geezers getting their dues, seeing as though the only non-AARP-card-carrying member is a performance in a superhero movie (featuring my all-time favorite band of misfit superheroes, of course). Oddly enough, two of the five of these men died around the time these nominations were chosen (Walter Matthau in 2000 and eventual winner Carroll O'Connor in 2001). With these five options alone to consider, I'd likely stay with O'Connor. He's a beloved actor who delivered a perfectly fine performance in an otherwise completely invisible movie. Though I must admit that Michael Caine was a laugh-riot.

Revisions: With the exception of O'Connor and Caine, I'd likely ditch the rest of the crew. In an accidental effort to be more Oscar-friendly, I'd now probably include Benicio del Toro for Traffic and Albert Finney for Erin Brockovich. And let's just top it off with Rory Culkin in You Can Count on Me, which turned out being a great ensemble acting piece.

The Nominees: As you can clearly see, I'm from the "voice acting is acting" school of thought. And apparently I was high off of Ally McBeal love; hopefully that explains the Lucy Liu nod. Luckily, I went with a winner that still completely stands a decade later. Zhang Ziyi would very clearly be my choice yet.

Revisions: In an effort to preserve history (despite its shortcomings) I'd venture a notion that I would keep three of the five (Ziyi, Miranda Richardson, and Judi Dench) and omit the other two in favor of two great Cates -- Catherine Zeta-Jones for Traffic and Catherine O'Hara for Best in Show. And of course, due to my undying love of everything Crouching Tiger, Zhang Ziyi would remain the victor.

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