Tuesday, December 22, 2009

decade revisited: 2001, part 2

The Nominees: Once again carried away by the onset of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings mania, 40% of the group in this category came from those films. Aside from that, I have the still award-worthy performance from Jude Law in what was, once again, a simply misunderstood movie that didn't receive its just desserts. In typical form, I threw in a silly supporting comedic performance from Hector Elizondo and a now-completely-confusing nod to Ed Harris' turn in A Beautiful Mind, which mostly amounted to a few scenes of angry yelling and whatnot.

Revisions: Law, Grint, and McKellen would probably remain (the latter mostly for sentimental reasons, probably), but the other two would likely be replaced by Ian Holm in Fellowship of the Ring (a performance that served as a great set of bookends to an otherwise superb fantasy film) and Jim Broadbent in Moulin Rouge!. As for the win, Grint would have a harder time in retrospect; I think I'd give the edge to either McKellen or Law at this point.

The Nominees: Yes, I understand. Sometimes my younger self made wrong, unforgivable even, choices. But chalk it up to Survivor obsession, and you just might understand what my frame of mind was. Considering the movie Colleen Haskell was nominated for in this category just recently made some mentions in my Worst of the Decade Awards, something tells me this is a sort of regrettable decision on my part. And blame my then recent love of all things Crouching Tiger for the strange decision to nominate Zhang Ziyi for Rush Hour 2.

Revisions: Seeing as though Connelly now seems to be the most redeeming quality of A Beautiful Mind, her nomination would likely stay intact. And there's really no beating Maggie Smith in pretty much anything (including Clash of the Titans), so Professor McGonagall would stick around. As far as the other three spots, I'm going to make a couple of standard choices and one relatively obscure one just for fun: Marisa Tomei for In the Bedroom, Dakota Fanning for I am Sam, and Brooke Smith for Series 7: The Contenders. Who would win? My gut tells me it'd be between Connelly and Fanning.

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Emma said...

Hell to the yes on Rupert win! :)