Monday, January 04, 2010

best films: #42: ANNIE HALL (1977)

Previously rated and blogged at #57
From one very specific type of romantic comedy to another, Woody Allen's masterpiece Annie Hall has to be one of the most New Yorky, semi-bohemian, and quirky romances ever put to the screen. As Alvy Singer and Annie Hall, Allen and frequent co-star Diane Keaton interact in one strange love that seems to just work for some reason. There's the awkward-looking Alvy, whose career as a television producer and his rapier wit help him land the adorable, if equally awkward, aspiring lounge singer Annie. Allen's script is obviously hilarious, but what seems to set it apart from his other films has to be Keaton, whose take on the title role is still one of her career-best (and that's saying something, considering her filmography). Plus, it turns out she has a lovely singing voice as evidenced by her performance of "Seems Like Old Times." So more than just proving that super nerds can land attractive, quirky women, Annie Hall proves that Woody Allen, despite some clunkers throughout his career, can write a taut and endearing movie with fully realized characters that are both relatable and age-appropriate for each other.

Standout Performance: C'mon, people. Of course it's Keaton. But let's take the opportunity to hand major props to the words that Allen provided to her.

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Unknown said...

And it is so damn romantic! The last time I saw it I'd just gotten back home from what I thought had been a great date.
I needed to understand why my heart was racing so and why I had that weird fuzziness all over my body. So I put this on the player and it all made sense. Curiously that was my last date with that person, but the movie obviously remained.