Wednesday, March 31, 2010

casting crew: THE MUNSTERS - THE MOVIE

It's been ages since I've featured a Casting Crew column on this blog! In fact, most of you current readers haven't been around long enough to even remember it. A refresher then - it's time to cast the hypothetical small-screen-to-big-screen adaptations of the future. The 'crew' has already stopped by many other old shows, but for this entry, it's all about the other kooky family of the undead, The Munsters.

Carel Struycken as Herman Munster

Melinda Clark as Lily Munster

Robin Williams as Grandpa

Nolan Gould as Eddie Munster

Jayma Mays as Marilyn Munster


Simon said...


Robert said...

I love it.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure I like it. Honestly, I think Brad Garrett would be SOOO much better as Herman. And for Lily, Catherine Zeta Jones. Robin Williams as Grandpa is good, but Richard Kind would be 10X better! For Marilyn, i think Hayden Panitierre (spelling?)