Monday, April 12, 2010

100 favorite film actresses: #40-#31

40. Brenda Blethyn
Key Role(s): Cynthia Rose Purley (Secrets & Lies)
Grace (Music from Another Room)
Mrs. Bennet (Pride & Prejudice)
Grace Turner (Atonement)

39. Jane Fonda
Key Role(s): Cat Ballou (Cat Ballou)
Gloria (They Shoot Horses Don't They?)
Judy Bernly (9 to 5)
Chelsea Thayer Wayne (On Golden Pond)

38. Whoopi Goldberg
Key Role(s): Celie Johnson (The Color Purple)
Oda Mae Brown (Ghost)
Deloris van Cartier (Sister Act)
Corrina Washington (Corrina, Corrina)

37. Juliette Binoche
Key Role(s): Hana (The English Patient)
Vianne (Chocolat)

36. Ellen Burstyn
Key Role(s): Chris MacNeil (The Exorcist)
Alice Hyatt (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore)
Sara Goldfarb (Requiem for a Dream)

35. Elizabeth Taylor
Key Role(s): Velvet Brown (National Velvet)
Angela Vickers (A Place in the Sun)
Leslie Benedict (Giant)
Martha (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?)

34. Angela Lansbury
Key Role(s): Nancy Oliver (Gaslight)
Mrs. Iselin (The Manchurian Candidate)
Miss Price (Bedknobs and Broomsticks)
Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast)

33. Anjelica Huston
Key Role(s): Maerose Prizzi (Prizzi's Honor)
Tamara Broder (Enemies, A Love Story)
Grand High Witch (The Witches)
Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)
Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent (Ever After: A Cinderella Story)
Etheline Tenenbaum (The Royal Tenenbaums)

32. Joan Cusack
Key Role(s): Shelley (My Bodyguard)
Cyn (Working Girl)
Alsatia Zevo (Toys)
Debbie Jellinsky (Addams Family Values)
Emily Montgomery (In & Out)
Jessie (Toy Story 2)
Rosalie Mullins (The School of Rock)

31. Shirley MacLaine
Key Role(s): Fran Kubelik (The Apartment)
Irma la Douce (Irma la Douce)
Aurora Greenway (Terms of Endearment)
Ouiser Boudreaux (Steel Magnolias)
Doris Mann (Postcards from the Edge)


Anonymous said...

My favorite Juliette Binoche role?

"Dan in Real Life."

For me, there's lots of things to love about that film...

Simon said...

Anjelica Huston, my love.

Robert said...

Hooray for Joan Cusack! Especially her role in School of Rock. haha

Castor said...

Interesting list. Jane Fonda truly was a timelessly beautiful woman. Looking forward to the rest of your top 100

Unknown said...

Yay Joan indeed!
And so high up in the list, bold move my friend.

Luke said...

Sara: Yeah, I hesitated on that (since it wasn't Juliette that really stole that show) ... but it was a surprisingly likable movie.

Simon: Ah yes... Ms. Huston is one unique character.

Robert, Jose: I've always been in love with Joan Cusack. She may not scream prestige, but she's always the most entertaining person on the screen at any given moment. So here's for boldness! :)

Castor: I realized that, much like Dern, I need a little more Fonda education. Perhaps she'll rank higher once I see Julia and The China Syndrome...