Sunday, April 11, 2010

100 favorite film actresses: #50-#41

50. Natalie Portman
Key Role(s): Mathilda (The Professional)
Novalee Nation (Where the Heart Is)
Sara (Cold Mountain)
Alice (Closer)

49. Marisa Tomei
Key Role(s): Mona Lisa Vito (My Cousin Vinny)
Natalie Strout (In the Bedroom)
Cassidy (The Wrestler)

48. Marilyn Monroe
Key Role(s): Miss Casswell (All About Eve)
Lorelei Lee (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
The Girl (The Seven Year Itch)
Sugar Kane Kowalczyk (Some Like it Hot)

47. Imelda Staunton
Key Role(s): Charlotte Jennings Palmer (Sense and Sensibility)
Bunty (Chicken Run)
Vera (Vera Drake)
Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
Sonia Teichberg (Taking Woodstock)

46. Judi Dench
Key Role(s): M (GoldenEye)
Queen Elizabeth (Shakespeare in Love)
Armande Voizin (Chocolat)
Iris Murdoch (Iris)

45. Debbie Reynolds
Key Role(s): Kathy Selden (Singin' in the Rain)
Polly Parish (Bundle of Joy)
Janice Courtney (My Six Loves)
Beatrice Henderson (Mother)

44. Goldie Hawn
Key Role(s): Judy Benjamin (Private Benjamin)
Joanna Stayton (Overboard)
Marianne Graves (Bird on a Wire)
Helen Sharp (Death Becomes Her)
Elise Elliot (The First Wives Club)

43. Tilda Swinton
Key Role(s): Valerie Thomas (Adaptation)
White Witch (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch...)
Karen Crowder (Michael Clayton)
Julia (Julia)
Katie Cox (Burn After Reading)
Elizabeth Abbott (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)

42. Barbara Stanwyck
Key Role(s): Eugenia Harrington (The Lady Eve)
Phyllis Dietrichson (Double Indemnity)
Leona Stevenson (Sorry, Wrong Number)

41. Angela Bassett
Key Role(s): Tina Turner (What's Love Got to Do with It?)
Bernadine Harris (Waiting to Exhale)
Rachel Constantine (Contact)
Stella Payne (How Stella Got Her Groove Back)


Simon said...

Have you seen Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits? She's very good there too.

Great choices.

Robert said...

I love Tilda Swinton. Her Benjamin Button performance is amazing though too often forgotten (though that could be said about most of her performances!)

Jude said...

Don't forget Imelda Staunton's funny work as the loyal maid in Shakespeare in Love!

Castor said...

Nice to see Portman up here! And wow for Angela Bassett, great to see her in your top 50, she has sort of disappeared of circulation as of late.

Luke said...

Simon: Check! Just added it my Netflix queue... considering it's one of her most high-profile performances, I should probably educate myself... :)

Robert: I agree with Tilda in Button. She was one my choices for Best Supporting Actress that year actually. That scene in the hotel lobby was kinda pitch-perfect.

Jude: Oh no! You're right. A glaring omission. :)

Castor: She has - I'm still holding out that post-ER she's going to make a film comeback. She's an actress who needs some Oscar love...