Tuesday, April 06, 2010

100 favorite film actresses: #80-#71

80. Margo Martindale
Key Role(s): Millie (The Rocketeer)
Sister Colleen (Dead Man Walking)
Mrs. Latch (The Hours)

79. Doris Day
Key Role(s): Calamity Jane (Calamity Jane)
Josephine McKenna (The Man Who Knew Too Much)
Jan Morrow (Pillow Talk)
Cathy Timberlake (That Touch of Mink)

78. Susan Sarandon
Key Role(s): Janet Weiss (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Louise Sawyer (Thelma & Louise)
Sister Helen Prejean (Dead Man Walking)

77. Dana Ivey
Key Role(s): Margaret Alford (The Addams Family)
Miss Millie (The Color Purple)

76. Josephine Hull
Key Role(s): Abby Brewster (Arsenic and Old Lace)
Veta Louise Simmons (Harvey)

75. Laura Dern
Key Role(s): Dr. Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park)
Ruth Stoops (Citizen Ruth)

74. Alice Drummond
Key Role(s): Librarian (Ghostbusters)
Lucy (Awakenings)
Clara (To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything...)
Sister Veronica (Doubt)

73. Juliet Stevenson
Key Role(s): Paula Paxton (Bend it Like Beckham)
Mrs. Squeers (Nicholas Nickleby)
Evie (Being Julia)

72. Donna Reed
Key Role(s): Mary Hatch Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life)

71. Samantha Morton
Key Role(s): Hattie (Sweet and Lowdown)
Agatha (Minority Report)
Sarah (In America)
Olivia Pitterson (The Messenger)

**Editor's Note: The "key role" choices are based on films that I have in fact seen. I apologize for the sheer disappointment, for example, of leaving off Wild at Heart and Rambling Rose from the Laura Dern list, but alas, I haven't seen either. Just imagine how much higher she'd be on the list if I had seen them!


Simon said...

You also forgot Inland Empire, but, really, who's counting?

(holy shit, someone give Dern an Oscar...)

Otherwise, lovely list. I was wondering when Sarandon would pop up.

Robert said...

Your list keeps getting better and better! I just love all of the ladies on this list.

Jude said...

You've gone through so many of my favorites already (Susan Sarandon, Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon...etc.) I can't wait to see who's at the top!

And I commend you for doing a list of 100. I only did 15 on my blog hahaha.

Luke said...

Simon: I knew for some reason that I would get shit about the Laura Dern choices - hence the disclaimer - but I'll add that to my Netflix queue stat! :)

Robert: Thank you sir! I gotta say - it was a tough list to assemble since I had close to 200 to whittle down to 100...

Jude: Hopefully I won't disappoint - and I feel like I should be commending you; I only have 100 because I couldn't possibly get it down to 15! :)

Castor said...

Intriguing list so far. Like Jude said, a lot of "big" current names already made into the list so it will be interesting to see who finishes off the (gasp) top 100. Judging from the #80 to #71, are you going to go old school on us?

Unknown said...

The disclaimer about Dern pretty much invalidates anything I wanted to say but really you need to see her work with Lynch.
Also yay Doris Day!