Saturday, June 05, 2010

tv meme, day 4: your favorite show ever

Much like Andrew before me, I will never lose my undying love and affection for Friends, my all-time favorite show. I mean, I grew up in the '90s, for crying out loud, so honestly, what did you expect? For so many reasons, it will never be replaced as my ultimate series. And by now in this meme, you've been made to understand my love of a great, chemistry-ridden cast, so total ace in the hole, this one.

I could honestly devote a whole series of posts to reasons I love this show. And since there were 10 seasons, that's a lot of material to cover in just one gushing day's-worth of meme love. But here goes... for one reason look no further than to your left. Lisa Kudrow is a gem of a TV star, and Phoebe Buffay is pure genius writing. No woman has ever perfected the quirk quite like Kudrow. Chalk it up to repeat performances of my favorite fictional song, "Smelly Cat." (Although, I'm also partial to that great Christmas song... "Went to the store, sat on Santa's lap... Told him to give my friends all kinds of crap...") But the whole reason Kudrow, who happens to be my favorite of the illustrious cast, works is due to her talented co-stars. From neurotic Monica, who became progressively more fun to watch throughout the duration of the show, to reluctantly independent Rachel, the klutzy fashionista with some serious man troubles, to dunderheaded Joey, a soap star with a knack for getting just about everything confused, to snarky Chandler, the joke-cracking comedian with a seriously unique family life, to nerdy Ross, with a youthful obsession with dinosaurs, the cast of Friends is one for the books.

Now to tell you my favorite episode in particular would be saying too much of a future post in this meme, but I will say that I thought the show truly hit its stride in terms of creativity in writing and acting excellence during seasons four and five. Although, that stride seemed to last a couple more seasons, as season seven culminated with the seemingly impossible. A marriage of what seemed like the unlikeliest of pairs, Monica and Chandler. (And can we all applaud the show for managing to make itself just as great and just as funny after a major character wedding, something that hardly ever happens?) So due to its constant rotation in my rerun watching and my inability to live my life without knowingly and now sometimes inadvertently quoting for my own purposes in conversation, Friends is gold.

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Andrew K. said...

Well said, good sir. I'm looking forward to seeing what your favourite episodes are like...I'll be looking at more than one :)