Thursday, June 10, 2010

tv meme, day 8: a show everyone should watch

When asked to think of a show that everyone should watch I had to sift through some of my favorite shows on the air to find one that has appeal for every age group, personality, and genre-lover. And the comedic drama with a multi-generational family Brothers & Sisters seemed to fit the bill nicely. So if you haven't seen it yet, it's time to start tuning in to ABC on Sunday nights.

The show follows the Walker family, a semi-dysfunctional, but always inevitably loving, family in California. Headed up by its liberal motherly matriarch Nora, played with sheer television drama brilliance by Sally Field (I can't help but love her in most everything she does, and this is some great work at play here, people), the Walker family consists of business-minded working mom Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), Republican "black sheep" pundit Kitty (Calista Flockhart), hot-headed family man Tommy (Balthazar Getty), cynical gay lawyer Kevin (Matthew Rhys), and sweet-natured ex-addict and Iraq veteran Justin (Dave Annable). Like I said, there's a lot to relate to here. And the familial interaction is something to really appreciate - a show that's simply about the innerworkings of this assortment of personalities. Sure, they're dealt major blows when hearing of their late father's affairs and balances of power at the family business, a food production business called Ojai Foods, but ultimately the star of the show is its vivid portrayals.

The reason everyone should watch it is that is not only a family-friendly show, but it also can appeal to adults as a grown-up drama. Plus, who can't love a great cast that delivers great performances. Eldest sister Sarah is played by Griffiths with the flawed, hardened appreciation of life's tribulations that viewers can truly love to watch. Plus Griffiths, veteran of such great films as Muriel's Wedding and Hilary and Jackie, is one of the best things about the show. The real star here, though, is the insane chemistry between mother-daughter team Nora and Kitty, particularly when discussing politically charged topics. Flockhart and Field are wonderful, and their banter makes you overlook the fact that they look nothing alike and totally buy into them as family. And don't forget that the boys bring their A-games as well. Rhys is highly entertaining as the unlucky-in-love pessimist and Annable plays his earnest ex-soldier with a great deal of heart and respect.

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Andrew K. said...

I loved this show in the first season, Field, Flockhart, Anable, Wetting, Rhys and especially Griffiths all seemed Emmy Worthy to me but I've tuned out recently and Emily Van Camp (spelling?) and her pairing with Anable and that French guy whatever the hell his name is just make me tune out.