Saturday, June 12, 2010

tv meme, day 9: best scene ever

All right folks, I see I've neglected my meming a couple of days, so I'm going to try to fast-track my daily devotional a little bit in the next 24 hours to get three whole posts in! Hopefully this is somehow a treat for you all... When asked to choose the "best scene ever" on television, as opposed to digging into every show I've ever followed (yikes) to decide upon what representative scene, I decided to go with the first one that came to mind when thinking of supremely intense and well-crafted scenes. It happened to be from a season finale of ER.

To set you up a bit, among other insane things that were ensuing in this particularly jam-packed finale, a gunman had gone insane and shot up a school, which happened in the neighborhood where Dr. Mark Greene's (Anthony Edwards) wife and young daughter were taking a walk. His family turned out to be unharmed, but when Dr. Greene is alone in the elevator with the gunman, who's been wounded in the process, as the patient begins to crash, Greene reacts in a very out-of-character way. And for the record, though people generally think of the Clooneys and the Margulieses of the world when thinking of ER, I was always a big fan of Edwards' work on the show. For the scene in question, look below.

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TOTALLY remember this one.