Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tv meme, day 26: OMG? WTF! season finale

It's quite clear that no one knows how to end a season, or even an episode for that matter, like Showtime. From the famed Dexter season-enders to the recent Nurse Jackie second-season closer, their original programming always goes out with a bang. The show that's perfected the ultimate cliffhanger, though, is Weeds. [WARNING: Major Weeds spoilage to follow.]

The best of the finales of Weeds has got to be the season two finale, in which Nancy's life has gone completely insane. She's begun her own grow house to supply her web of drug dealing marijuana, she's gotten involved with a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agent who's started to blackmail her, she's stepped on the toes of two competing gangs, and her delinquent son has taken off with a stash of weed that the two competing gangs feel belong to them. And as the episode closes, Nancy is left facing down the barrels of many guns, all of them demanding more money and more product than she could possibly give them. Talk about an "oh s***" moment! After season one, in which Nancy is just getting into the business, buying from a more experienced dealer, this escalation of peril in Nancy's life is what makes Weeds so entertaining. This poor lonely widowed housewife's ascent to drug king-pin (or queen-pin, as it were) is an amazing journey to be taken on.


Tv Show said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm doing the TV nene thing myself and this was also my pick for the day. It really is a great season finale.

r4 said...

Nancy's life is completely crazy. She started her own home grow marijuana drug dealing supplies the Web, he found a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agent who started to blackmail him with, including the two competing gangs on the toes stepped up and taken away her son's offender with a stash of grass feel that those are two competing gangs