Saturday, October 23, 2010

then and now: SOAPDISH (1991)

Having just discovered this sorta silly but definitely entertaining gem recently, it seemed only fitting that a return to the Then and Now series would very much suit this very cast-driven bitchy-fest. Following the goings-on and melodrama of a soap opera set, Soapdish features a cast of well-knowns that seems almost impossible to achieve considering the ridiculous content. But I'm very thankful that they were assembled. So here we go - the cast of Soapdish in their earliest (or at least earliest to find footage of) and latest work.

Kevin Kline as Jeffrey Anderson
In the 1980 TV movie Pirates of Penzance
And in the 2010 movie The Extra Man

Sally Field as Celeste Talbert
In a 1966 episode of the TV series Gidget
And in a 2010 episode of the TV series Brothers & Sisters

Cathy Moriarty as Montana Moorehead
In the 1980 film Raging Bull
And in a 2010 episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent

Robert Downey, Jr. as David Seton Barnes
In the 1970 movie Pound
And in the 2010 movie Due Date

Elisabeth Shue as Lori Craven
In the 1983 movie Somewhere, Tomorrow
And in the 2010 movie Piranha 3-D

Whoopi Goldberg as Rose Schwartz
In the 1985 film The Color Purple
And in the 2010 film For Colored Girls

Teri Hatcher as Ariel Maloney
In a 1985 episode of the TV series The Love Boat
And in a 2010 episode of the TV series Desperate Housewives

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