Sunday, November 07, 2010

casting crew: HOOVERVILLE

Casting Crew is making its triumphant return - this time we're going back for some depression. Okay, actually it's Depression. The great one in fact. For this entry, we're casting the Herbert Hoover flick, taking a gander at his life during the troubling events that followed the 1929 stock market crash (and that controversial Secretary of the Treasury of his...). Let's look at the major players.

Oliver Platt as President Herbert Hoover

Sela Ward as First Lady Lou Henry Hoover

Richard Riehle as Vice President Charles Curtis

Jared Padalecki as Herbert Hoover, Jr.

Max von Sydow as Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon

Kevin Spacey as Successor Franklin Roosevelt

Voice those re-casts in the comments! (Or, you know, approve of my choices - that'll work too.)

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Anonymous said...

Perfect Absolutely perfect. I'd suggest a different/ stronger actor for the main character Hoover himself.