Thursday, December 02, 2010

birthdays: december 2nd

Lucy Liu, 42, all-around ass-kicker and Ally McBeal's very own wicked witch, we'll forgive her for Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever if it means we'll have much more O-Ren Ishii and that snappy cameo in Chicago
Britney Spears, 29, teen pop superstar and questionable hairdresser, thanks to Hit Me Baby..., "Toxic," and Circus, we'll try to forget about Crossroads and her various sundry moments of crazy
Ray Walston, (1914-2001), Picket Fences and My Favorite Martian alum with a penchant for TV guest roles and two Emmys to boot
Jonathan Frid, 86, though he's almost entirely known for playing Dark Shadows frontman Barnabus Collins, with nearly 600 episodes to show for it, this vampire's a historic one
Bill Erwin, 96, fantastic character actor and frequent TV guest star, he probably warms my heart most as one-half of the airport couple in Home Alone and Littlefoot's gramps in The Land Before Time
Julie Harris, 85, one important cog of the Harris acting dynasty, she's probably most well-known in film for East of Eden, The Member of the Wedding, and the original 1963 The Haunting
Dan Butler, 56, Frasier's own Bulldog Briscoe, Silence of the Lambs bug dude, and gay rights figure, he'll always be the impish meathead who won't stop hitting on Roz
Wilson Jermaine Heredia, 39, best known as the original Angel in the hit broadway show Rent and its less-highly-regarded fellow, the 2005 film version
Paul Mann, (1913-1985), has to be some kind of record-holder - only two films and two Golden Globe nominations to show for it - he's probably best known for playing Lazar Wolf in Fiddler on the Roof and being brothers with the voice of Yukon Cornelius in TV's Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Alfie Enoch, 22, one of the hundreds of delightful Brits in the Harry Potter series, he's Dean Thomas, Gryffindor fellow and former flame of Ginny Weasley
Nelly Furtado, 32, one-time folksy gal and now-hip-hop diva, from "I'm Like a Bird" to "Promiscuous Girl," you've got to at least give that she's diverse
Suzy Nakamura, 37, has had countless bit parts in TV series, more notably extended stays on Curb Your Enthusiasm and 10 Things I Hate About You, but is perhaps most known recently for playing the stereotyped pediatrician on Modern Family
Joe Lo Truglio, 40, all-around weird-looking dude and go-to for the unshakeable creep - for evidence, see Superbad and Pineapple Express
Dennis Christopher, 55, Breaking Away star and Tim Curry victim in It
Jana Kramer, 27, overbearing girlfriend Noelle in TV's Friday Night Lights

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Simon said...

Yay, Lucy Liu!

She'd better get off her ass and at least make something to the calibre of, if not Kill Bill, at least Lucky Number Slevin.