Tuesday, December 07, 2010

birthdays: december 7

Ellen Burstyn, 75, six-time Oscar nominee and one-time winner, she's had a decades-long career in the movie business and has become most synonymous with The Exorcist, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Same Time Next Year, and Requiem for a Dream; she also got her start guesting on countless TV shows in the '60s, with two semi-unsuccessful stabs at regular TV roles in the '80s series The Ellen Burstyn Show and '00s series That's Life - though, she has five Emmy nominations to show for it, so you be the judge
Damien Rice, 37, though he's never been the superstar he deserves to be here in the States, he has two international hit albums (O and 9) that have spawned such hits as "9 Crimes," "Unplayed Piano," "Cannonball," and - thanks to its inclusion in the movie Closer - "The Blower's Daughter."
Jennifer Carpenter, 31, she rose to film prominence as the title star of The Exorcism of Emily Rose (we'll just forget about that stint in White Chicks), but she since found her biggest successes in the cult horror film remake Quarantine, and as Detective Debra Morgan on Showtime's Dexter
Ted Knight, (1923-1986), he had several major television roles (garnering him six Emmy nominations and two wins) in series such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Too Close for Comfort, and The Love Boat, and had that memorable starring role alongside Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack
Sara Bareilles, 31, rising to prominence thanks to her second studio album Little Voice, she hit it big with "Love Song," sold 1 million copies, and garnered two Grammy nominations; her signature piano-pop style returned in Kaleidoscope Heart, a 2010 album that just brought the singer an additional Grammy nod
Nicholas Hoult, 21, his big international breakthrough came with the Hugh Grant starrer About a Boy in 2002, playing the son of Toni Collette's depressed single mom; additional success has come from his regular role in the UK TV series Skins, as Colin Firth's potential love interest in A Single Man, and by landing the role of The Beast in the upcoming X-Men: First Class
Jeffrey Wright, 45, he hit it big on-stage, particularly in the hit play Angels in America (and later in the HBO miniseries version), and his screen credits since have included 2000's Hamlet and Shaft, Syriana, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Cadillac Records
Rosalind Ayres, 64, instantly recognizable as the goofy Lady Duff Gordon in the blockbuster Titanic, she's also a dead-ringer for her Gods and Monsters character, the Bride of Frankenstein herself, Elsa Lanchester
Eli Wallach, 95, in a career that's spanned nearly seven decades, his first major film role (in 1956's Baby Doll) got him a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination; more than 50 years later, he's an Emmy nominee for an episode of Nurse Jackie - what's in between is a host of film credits including The Magnificent Seven, How to Steal a Million, The Godfather Part III, Mystic River, and The Holiday

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