Wednesday, December 08, 2010

birthdays: december 8

Sammy Davis, Jr., (1925-1990), original rat pack member, hit singer of "The Candy Man," one-time film star of the likes of the original Ocean's 11, and African American icon, he had roles in the films Porgy and Bess, Robin and the 7 Hoods, Sweet Charity, and Broadway Danny Rose and had one memorable run-in/smooch with lovable bigot Archie Bunker on a very special episode of All in the Family
Kim Basinger, 57, one-time movie sex kitten, one-time wife of Alec Baldwin, and one-time bankrupt owner of a small town in Georgia (Google it), who knew the woman who starred as the title character in My Stepmother is an Alien would go on to win an Oscar for L.A. Confidential in 1997?  Though her career hasn't had a great many bright spots among the silly ones, she can be pleased that The Natural, Batman (1989), and 8 Mile got so much acclaim
Teri Hatcher, 46, though the latter part of her career has been marred by set feuding allegations and plastic surgery rumors (which she famously rebuffed with unretouched photos earlier this year), she has two Golden Globe nominations (and one win) with one Emmy nod.  Plus, after a stint as a back-up dancer on The Love Boat and a deliciously bitchy part in Soapdish, she starred in two hit series (Lois and Clark and Desperate Housewives), had a memorable guest role on Seinfeld, and starred as the uber-villain in 2009's Coraline
Dominic Monaghan, 34, instantly recognizable as hobbit Merry in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he went on to star (for at least a brief while) on the hit ABC series Lost and the short-lived ABC series FlashForward
Rick Baker, 60, famous Oscar mainstay and prolific makeup artist for the sci-fi/fantasy set of filmdom, he has 11 Academy Award nominations and six wins for movies including Harry and the Hendersons, Ed Wood, The Nutty Professor, and Men in Black.  Oh, and he was also nominated for Norbit, so...
Nancy Meyers, 61, possibly the most lucrative female director in the biz, her films are consistently top grossers, and she's one of the most well-liked romantic comedy writer/directors working today.  Her work includes Private Benjamin, Baby Boom, Father of the Bride (1991), Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday, and It's Complicated
David Carradine, (1936-2009), though his recent untimely demise unfortunately made headlines, his legacy includes the TV series Kung Fu, Bound for Glory, the Kill Bill movies (as the title character), and countless other martial arts films.  He also garnered four Golden Globe nominations in his career
Nicki Minaj, 26, Trinidad and Tobago native and current hip hop artist sensation known for "Your Love" and "Bottoms Up," she's a MTV Video Music Award nominee, and her debut album Pink Friday was released just weeks ago to the biggest single-week sales for a solo female hip hop artist since Lauryn Hill's solo album in 1998
Maximilian Schell, 80, 1961 Oscar winner for Best Actor for Judgment at Nuremburg, he had two other nods throughout his acting career and is best known for his roles in Topkapi, A Bridge Too Far, Julia, and Deep Impact
Ernest Lehman, (1915-2005), six-time Oscar nominee, he was one of the most well-regarded screenwriters of his generation, the scribe behind such films as Sabrina, The King and I, Sweet Smell of Success, North by Northwest, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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