Sunday, January 02, 2011

link rundown

It's about that time again for me to heap some praises on my peers for their stellar work out in the blogosphere, so feel free to direct your attention beyond Journalistic Skepticism to the following treats. There are of course reviews galore as Oscar season hits full swing. If it's thoughts on new release True Grit you're interested in, Rob at Anomalous Material gives it a less-than-perfect (but not without its charms) assessment. Simon at Four of Them, who typically pulls no punches, has rather positive things to say about the movie. Speaking of, she's put out her thoughts on Black Swan to boot.

Other reviews of note include Anomalous Material's standings on Blue Valentine and Love and Other Drugs, Jose's able reviewing skills at work on Black Swan and Rabbit Hole over at Movies Kick Ass, Andrew at Encore Entertainment's less-than-positive musings on Tangled, and Robert at His Eyes Were Watching Movies' surprisingly harsh words for The Other Guys.

Now if you'll take a look at some of the other posts floating around out there, you should probably take a peek at Joe Burns' beginnings of discussion of the 1977 Best Actress race, the Anomalous Material Top 10 Movies of the Year, Andrew's wrap-up of his best animated voices in moviedom, and Top 10 Films' take on the 10 best of Alfred Hitchcock.

Finally, but definitely not least of all, Nathaniel at The Film Experience had the enviable position of interviewing three stellar talents in the film biz, Kirsten Dunst, Patricia Clarkson, and Alexandre Desplat - please do check out the transcripts - great stuff.


Andrew K. said...

I can't see that screenshot of Goldberg without thinking - "You in danger, girl!"

(PS. check your email.)

Simon said...

Two links! Oh, you.

I love that Whoopi Goldberg picture.

The Taxi Driver said...

Good links sir. Keep up the good work.

Castor said...

Wow, thanks for all the link love Luke!