Friday, February 25, 2011

100 favorite film actors: #90-#81

The countdown continues with the next men who rank amongst my favorite film actors.  If you need to do some catching up, check out Nos. 100 thru 91, and come back here to analyze this newest installment.

90. Cillian Murphy
Key Role(s): Jim (28 Days Later)
Pieter (Girl with a Pearl Earring)
Dr. Crane/Scarecrow (Batman Begins)
Jackson Rippner (Red Eye)
Patrick 'Kitten' Braden (Breakfast on Pluto)
Damien (The Wind That Shakes the Barley)
Robert Fischer (Inception)

89. Steve Martin
Key Role(s): Roger Cobb (All of Me)
Lucky Day (Three Amigos!)
Orin Scrivello (Little Shop of Horrors)
Charlie Bales (Roxanne)
Gil Buckman (Parenthood)
George Banks (Father of the Bride)
Adam (It's Complicated)

88. Steve Buscemi
Key Role(s): Mr. Pink (Reservoir Dogs)
Buddy Holly (Pulp Fiction)
Carl Showalter (Fargo)
Cornell (28 Days)
Seymour (Ghost World)
Randall Boggs (Monsters Inc.)
Nebbercracker (Monster House)

87. Oliver Platt
Key Role(s): Neil Bleene (Postcards from the Edge)
Paul Bunyan (Tall Tale)
Harry Rex Vonner (A Time to Kill)
Jim Burns (Pieces of April)
Bob Zelnick (Frost/Nixon)
Alex (Please Give)

86. Albert Finney
Key Role(s): Tom Jones (Tom Jones)
Mark Wallace (Two for the Road)
Hercule Poirot (Murder on the Orient Express)
Daddy Warbucks (Annie)
Sir (The Dresser)
Ed Masry (Erin Brockovich)
Ed Bloom (Big Fish)

85. Josh Brolin
Key Role(s): Brand Walsh (The Goonies)
Greg Earlinger (Melinda and Melinda)
Llewelyn Moss (No Country for Old Men)
George W. Bush (W.)
Dan White (Milk)
Tom Chaney (True Grit)

84. Dennis Quaid
Key Role(s): Mike (Breaking Away)
Willis Davidge (Enemy Mine)
Jack Faulkner (Postcards from the Edge)
Nick Parker (The Parent Trap)
Arnie Metzger (Traffic)
Jimmy Morris (The Rookie)
Frank Whitaker (Far From Heaven)

83. George C. Scott
Key Role(s): Claude Dancer (Anatomy of a Murder)
Bert Gordon (The Hustler)
General Turgidson (Dr. Strangelove)
General George S. Patton (Patton)
Dr. Bock (The Hospital)
McLeach (The Rescuers Down Under)

82. Richard Dreyfuss
Key Role(s): Matt Hooper (Jaws)
Roy Neary (Close Encounters of the Third Kind)
Elliot Garfield (The Goodbye Girl)
The Writer (Stand By Me)
Dr. Leo Marvin (What About Bob?)
Glenn Holland (Mr. Holland's Opus)

81. Martin Landau
Key Role(s): Leonard (North by Northwest)
Abe (Tucker: The Man and His Dream)
Judah Rosenthal (Crimes & Misdemeanors)
Bela Lugosi (Ed Wood)
Robert Malone (Lovely, Still)

The '70s are up next - stay tuned!

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