Wednesday, February 02, 2011

15 best canine performances

With the hoopla of "Best of 2010" going on, it came to mind that one of the best performances of the year - now hear me out - was by that dog in Paranormal Activity 2.  Did anyone else think that, walking out of the theater?  Which got to me pondering - what have been the most impressive performances by dogs?  So here it is, my delusional but honest list of the 15 best canine performances... come on, throw me a bone. (I went there.)

15. Mushu as "Frank"
Men in Black, 1997

14. Soccer as "Wishbone"
Wishbone, 1995-1998

13. Spike as "Old Yeller"
Old Yeller, 1957

12. Jed as "White Fang"
White Fang, 1991

11. Rattler as "Chance"
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, 1993

10. Quark as "Himself"
Honey I Shrunk the Kids, 1989

9. Chris as "Beethoven"
Beethoven, 1992

8. Winky as "Himself"
Best in Show, 2000

7. Terry as "Toto"
The Wizard of Oz, 1939

6. Abby as "Herself"
Paranormal Activity 2, 2010

5. Hubert as "Himself"
Best in Show, 2000

4. Abby & Kona as "Sam"
I Am Legend, 2007

3. Moose as "Eddie"
Frasier, 1993-2004

2. Jill as "Verdell"
As Good As It Gets, 1997

1. Skippy as "Asta/George"
The Thin Man/Bringing Up Baby, 1934/1938

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Dan said...

So many of the dogs from Best In Show could have made this list - that's a great comedy.

I might consider the pooch from Turner and Hooch as one of my top 10, but although I love dogs I can't really think of great canine performances. I think most of the time they come across as annoying sidekicks.