Thursday, February 17, 2011

mock oscar poll (bloggers' choice): PICK THE WINNERS!

The votes have been tallied!  After finalizing the mock Oscar ballot poll that I conducted, the nominees have been decided upon, and it's time to choose your winners.  Through the lengthy process of following Academy procedures for tabulating, we were left with a few surprises.  Leading the nomination count pack was Black Swan with a sizable 11 nods, followed by The FighterThe King's Speech, andThe Social Network with eight apiece.  As far as big surprises go, the biggest came with frontrunner The King's Speech missing out on a Best Picture and Best Lead Actor nod.  In addition, True Grit's haul was reduced from 10 to two in our balloting poll.  Academy favoriteBiutiful got nixed altogether, and confusion over its true status led Toy Story 3 to miss out on a screenplay nomination (How to Train Your Dragon led TS3 five to three).  And there was a bloodbath courtesy of Burlesque in the Original Song category - you guys love your Christina/Cher!  So let's get to the nominations - and don't forget to pick your winners!

Best Picture
Best Director

Best Lead Actress

Best Lead Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Original Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Art Direction

Best Makeup

Best Original Score

Best Costume Design

Best Original Song

Best Foreign-Language Film

Best Animated Feature

Best Documentary Feature

Best Visual Effects

Best Sound Mixing

Best Sound Editing

Best Film Editing


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about this!

Simon said...

Still no Barbara Hershey? Dag nabbit.

Andrew K. said...


(Umm, Luke must I vote for my favourites or could I vote for who I WANT to win like a true Oscar voter?)

Andrew K. said...

PS. People, Mila Kunis over Dianne Wiest? Come on!

Robert said...

I can't believe no Rabbit Hole either! Sadness. But the rest of the nominees are fantastic! I'm glad to see some of my personal favorite picks made it through. Needless to say I just voted. :)

TomS said...

I've cast my votes.... When are the results "revealed"?
Great fun!

Luke said...

Anon: Thanks for that instant enthusiasm! :)

Simon: I know - I was kind of bummed about that too, but she simply didn't get placed high up enough on people's lists...

Andrew: Much like Academy voters, go with whatever whim you feel like! :) (And Robert, I'm assuming you two are referring to Rabbit Hole's omission from Best Picture, to which I say - did you notice it's surprise nod in Score?)

TomS: Thanks friend! It was pretty fun to put together, believe it or not. I have the polls closing midnight on the 26th so that the winners will be announced on Oscar day!

Thanks all! I'm kind of loving this whole "bloggers' choice" notion (since our opinions are so superior to the Academy's), so I think it might be a new annual fixture. :)

Unknown said...

We have such good taste that we left the awful Inception out too!
Made my picks! Awesome project Luke!
Portman FTW!

Luke said...

Haha! Thanks Jose. Now the goal for all of you blogger buddies is to summon as many fellow bloggers and readers to come vote and legitimize this thing - there are some ties that need to be broken! :)

Manikandan said...

Nice POLL. I think this year we have tough competition. Most of the films are really superb in 2010. Inception is my best film of the year 2010. I hope it might be get minimum 2 Oscars. Other films like The King's Speech, The Fighter, The Social network also will get minimum 2 Oscars. The thing is Which film get most of it is the tough question. Cheers :)

Dan said...

Can The King's Speech spring a surprise and win Best Film! :)