Thursday, March 03, 2011

link rundown (3/3/11)

Well it's only fitting that, following the biggest week in Hollywood, the film blogosphere would be trotting out their best material for your perusal.  So let's take a gander at some of the wares being sold by our favorite bloggers.  Jose at Movies Kick Ass has written a phenomenal piece on "the other Best Actress curse," and the facts are frankly a little disheartening - Gloria Steinem would not be proud.  Also concerning Oscar, Tom at Reinvention offers up his final assessment of the night that was, while others cite the fashions of the evening - Nathaniel comments on the gals and guys, while Jose gives his complete rundown of the best-dressed women (thanks for the shout-out!) ... And a few more gems regarding the big night - Guy Lodge at In Contention cites a new example of women breaking Oscar's barriers (they've also provided a helpful laundry list of interviews with the night's winners), and Kate Winslet weighs in on her unexpected Melissa Leo shout-out over at Awards Daily.

Lastly, it's that time of year when we move on from Oscar mania and start discussing other topics.  Robert begins his movie-watching freedom by visiting Black Narcissus.  Anomalous Material provides an exhaustive list of the 52 most iconic uses of pop music in movies - a fun read.  Andrew takes us all down a notch with a list of notable movie deaths.  And Dan at Top10Films provides a very unique list of the best films set in one day and set in one night.


TomS said...

Thank you for the mention, Luke! And thank you for highlighting other blogs, and making us aware of other great writing out there.

Robert said...

I too thank you for the linkage! I can't wait to keep watching films leisurely instead of getting ready for an awards show. And "Black Narcissus" was a great one to start it off. :D