Friday, March 11, 2011

my 500th post!

No, you're not hearing (or reading, as it were) things!  This is officially post numero 500 for this ol' blog, Journalistic Skepticism!  I had no idea how to celebrate this momentous occasion other than to pay tribute to the most obvious 500-related film reference I could make (see above) and to thank all of you readers past and present (and future, if I want to get existential on you) for sticking with me for the past (nearly) two years of film blathering and "commentary."  It's been great fun for me to get to know all you fellow bloggers with your host of drastically differing opinions - you inspire me daily!  So... here's to 500 more!


TomS said...

Way to go Luke! Congratulations.
You have done some great writing here.
The photo you chose is totally right, too! :)

Dan O. said...

Congrats man! Keep on writing!

Castor said...

Congrats Luke. Big milestone of longevity and consistency! On to 1000 posts now :)