Sunday, March 13, 2011

who played it best? - ELIZABETH BENNET


Unknown said...

Am I the only who feels Ehle looked too old for the part? Won't even go into Garson...she should've been playing Mrs. Bennett, but then again other than Jennifer Jones, no classic Hollywood actress ever looked really young right?
Anyway, Keira all the way!

Andrew K. said...

Oh, Keira all the way please. I remember I was reading the novel for school at the same time, and as soon as Keira gave that whimsical smile and turned the page of that book at the begin I was hooked.

(and no Jose, you're not the only one who feels that way about Ehle. I still don't get all the love for that adaptation.)

PS. Rosamund is also the perfect Jane.

Luke said...

Jose: This is very true - about the classic Hollywood stars, that is. Perhaps it's first-saw, first-loved, but though Knightley was better than expected, I can't shake the BBC version as my all-time favorite. And speaking of older Austen potrayers, I think Emma Thompson takes the cake on that one, and I STILL thought she was phenomenal. So there. :)

Andrew: I did thoroughly enjoy the 2005 edition, but it's a trifle compared to the epic awesomeness of the miniseries. If you don't understand, you haven't watched it enough times. :)

Srh said...
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Srh said...

This conversation is from a while ago but I would like to say that I am 100% all about Ehle's interpretation. I have noted in the past that she does look a little old for Miss Elizabeth Bennet, but that does not matter to me when compared to her delivery of the lines and facial expressions in exactly the same way I imagine it when I read it.

The 2005 version I love, and I love Kiera Knightley as well. As Lizzy, I feel that she giggles way too much - and she's too skinny!

I'll take any of the three latest regency versions - though the one from the 80's annoys me with its costuming and the lighting looking so florescent.

Jennifer Ehle all the way!