Sunday, April 03, 2011

100 favorite film actors: #10-#1

10. Harrison Ford
Key Role(s): Han Solo (The Star Wars trilogy)
Indiana Jones (The Indiana Jones films)
Rick Deckard (Blade Runner)
John Book (Witness)
Allie Fox (The Mosquito Coast)
Henry Turner (Regarding Henry)
Dr. Richard Kimble (The Fugitive)
Norman Spencer (What Lies Beneath)

9. Sidney Poitier
Key Role(s): Gregory W. Miller (Blackboard Jungle)
Noah Cullen (The Defiant Ones)
Porgy (Porgy and Bess)
Walter Lee Younger (A Raisin in the Sun)
Homer Smith (Lilies of the Field)
Mark Thackeray (To Sir, with Love)
Virgil Tibbs (In the Heat of the Night)
John Prentice (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)
Donald Crease (Sneakers)

8. Tom Hanks
Key Role(s): Allen Bauer (Splash)
Josh Baskin (Big)
Jimmy Dugan (A League of Their Own)
Sam Baldwin (Sleepless in Seattle)
Andrew Beckett (Philadelphia)
Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
Jim Lovell (Apollo 13)
Woody (The Toy Story trilogy)
Capt. John H. Miller (Saving Private Ryan)
Joe Fox (You've Got Mail)
Chuck Noland (Cast Away)

7. Leonardo DiCaprio
Key Role(s): Toby Wolff (This Boy's Life)
Arnie Grape (What's Eating Gilbert Grape)
Romeo (Romeo + Juliet)
Hank (Marvin's Room)
Jack Dawson (Titanic)
Frank Abagnale, Jr. (Catch Me If You Can)
Howard Hughes (The Aviator)
Billy Costigan (The Departed)
Teddy Daniels (Shutter Island)
Cobb (Inception)

6. James Stewart
Key Role(s): Tony Kirby (You Can't Take it With You)
Jefferson Smith (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)
Macaulay Connor (The Philadelphia Story)
George Bailey (It's a Wonderful Life)
Elwood P. Dowd (Harvey)
L.B. Jeffries (Rear Window)
Scottie Ferguson (Vertigo)
Paul Biegler (Anatomy of a Murder)
Wylie Burp (An American Tail: Fievel Goes West)

5. Paul Newman
Key Role(s): Ben Quick (The Long Hot Summer)
Brick Pollitt (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)
Eddie Felson (The Hustler)
Chance Wayne (Sweet Bird of Youth)
Hud Bannon (Hud)
Luke (Cool Hand Luke)
Butch Cassidy (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
Henry Gondorff (The Sting)
Frank Galvin (The Verdict)
John Rooney (Road to Perdition)

4. Dustin Hoffman
Key Role(s): Ben Braddock (The Graduate)
Ratso (Midnight Cowboy)
Lenny Bruce (Lenny)
Carl Bernstein (All the President's Men)
Babe (Marathon Man)
Ted Kramer (Kramer vs. Kramer)
Michael Dorsey (Tootsie)
Raymond Babbitt (Rain Man)
Stanley Motss (Wag the Dog)

3. Marlon Brando
Key Role(s): Stanley Kowalski (A Streetcar Named Desire)
Emiliano Zapata (Viva Zapata!)
Johnny Strabler (The Wild One)
Terry Malloy (On the Waterfront)
Fletcher Christian (Mutiny on the Bounty)
Don Vito Corleone (The Godfather)
Paul (Last Tango in Paris)
Walter E. Kurtz (Apocalypse Now)
Ian McKenzie (A Dry White Season)

2. Sean Penn
Key Role(s): Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Daulton Lee (The Falcon and the Snowman)
Matthew Poncelet (Dead Man Walking)
Edward Welsh (The Thin Red Line)
Emmet Ray (Sweet and Lowdown)
Sam Dawson (I Am Sam)
Jimmy Markum (Mystic River)
Harvey Milk (Milk)
Joe Wilson (Fair Game)

1. Jack Nicholson
Key Role(s): Wilbur Force (The Little Shop of Horrors)
George Hanson (Easy Rider)
Robert Dupea (Five Easy Pieces)
Buddusky (The Last Detail)
J.J. Gittes (Chinatown)
R.P. McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)
Jack Torrance (The Shining)
Eugene O'Neill (Reds)
Garrett Breedlove (Terms of Endearment)
Charley Partana (Prizzi's Honor)
Joker (Batman)
Nathan R. Jessup (A Few Good Men)
Melvin Udall (As Good As It Gets)
Harry Sanborn (Something's Gotta Give)
Frank Costello (The Departed)


TomS said...

I grew up watching Nicholson's films (or begging my parents to take me to the R-rated ones like Easy Rider and Five Easy Pieces).
His films run a gamut of subject matter. You can't beat the run he had from 1969-75...he owned the Cinema then!

Unknown said...

That's a flawless top three! I never think of Ford as an "actor" much though. To me he's the embodiment of a movie star.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Jose on Ford completely, he's not really one of those actor's actors. Love that you included Sidney, he gets forgotten a lot as does Stewart.

My number one wouldn't be Nicholson just for the fact that he does play himself quite a lot, still definitely worthy of all glory that comes to him. Cool list all in all!