Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the newsroom has taken over...

Yes, I do still exist.  I saw my face on a milk carton today, and I thought it was high time I checked in.  My new job as a professional newsperson has officially taken over my life after only two days.  And I love it!  But alas, that combined with my impending move (it'll all be over after Saturday!) is keeping me from my dear, dear blogger friends.  So chime in down there in the comments - how are you?  What's new with you wonderful people?  And how awesome is Broadcast News, right?


Simon said...

I'm trying to do the shitload of homework I've got due (why do teachers make everything ever due on Friday? And with such short notice. Damn their stupid faces), and watching Black Butler II, and STOP DISTRACTING ME GOOD CHUM.

TomS said...

Luke, I hope your new endeavor is meeting with the success you so richly deserve! Hurry back when you have time.

So, which character from Broadcast News most closely describes YOU?

I gather you have completed your move.

Over here, life has been crazy too, almpost out of control at times. I find some refuge in the blog. Been retreating to international films for my Spring movie fix.

Hope to get a visit from you soon!

impassionedcinema said...

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Unknown said...

Work work work. I'm with you on that one. Lots of movie catching up to do though.
Are you wearing those tweed jackets with elbow patches by now?

Dan said...

Congrats on the new job!