Monday, May 30, 2011

remember when: CAST of MODERN FAMILY

It's time to take another trip back.  It's been a while - then again, everything's been a while on this here blog - so it's time to honor television casts with questionable history in the business. Let's take a look at one of the best casts working currently - those zany adults on Modern Family.

Though he's still probably best known as lovable lug Al Bundy on Married with Children, before Ed O'Neill was Jay, patriarch of the Pritchetts on Modern Family, he took a little trip south to Florida, for a 1984 episode of Miami Vice.

Julie Bowen had regular roles on Ed and Boston Legal, but before she was neurotic mom Claire, she was part of the melodramatic history of Dawson's Creek, playing Dawson's hippie-dippie Aunt Gwen in a 2000 episode.

Sure, he's had his stints on stage, but before playing Mitchell, uptight lawyer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson had a television role in 2000's miniseries sudser, Sally Hemings, detailing the sordid affairs of our former president Thomas Jefferson.  He played their love child.

Before Eric Stonestreet graced Modern Family's presence with his over-the-top theatrics he had a bit part as a clerk in the 2000 music-biz flick Almost Famous.

Ty Burrell now plays bumbling screwball Phil Dunphy on MF, but he once had a small guest part, like so many others at the time, in a 2001 episode of The West Wing.

Before she became the resident bombshell of the family, Gloria, Sofia Vergara played a housekeeper who falls for Jason Lee in the Tim Allen comedy Big Trouble in 2002.

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Robert said...

This is so great! I had no idea about anyone except Stonestreet who I was so surprised to see when I first saw "Almost Famous".