Thursday, July 28, 2011

AUGUST MOVIE MEME: who's with me?

Hello all - to any of you out there who read this blog on a semi-regular basis, you already know this full well:  my blogging tendencies of late have been sporadic at best.  So in an effort to reaffirm my dedication to the film blogging world, I though it would be a good idea to set up a daily meme for the month of August to keep me focused!  And I would love the company of you all in the project.  So if you're willing, join in on Aug. 1!  I wrote up a 31-day prospectus below for your perusal.  And I know that for some of these, it may be difficult to narrow down, so list multiple answers at your leisure!

Day 1: Your favorite sports movie
Day 2: Your least favorite sports movie
Day 3: First movie that made you cry
Day 4: Last movie that made you cry
Day 5: First movie that you watched obsessively
Day 6: Last movie you watched obsessively
Day 7: A movie that you're ashamed to love
Day 8: A movie you're ashamed to hate
Day 9: First movie you owned on DVD
Day 10: Last movie you bought on DVD
Day 11: First rated-R movie you saw
Day 12: Your favorite sci-fi movie
Day 13: Your least favorite sci-fi movie
Day 14: An actor/actress you're ashamed to love
Day 15: An actor/actress you're ashamed to hate
Day 16: First double feature you pulled
Day 17: Last double feature you pulled
Day 18: Your favorite action movie
Day 19: Your least favorite action movie
Day 20: A movie you're ashamed to say you haven't seen
Day 21: Your favorite underused actor/actress
Day 22: Last black-and-white movie you saw
Day 23: First movie you hated
Day 24: Last movie you hated
Day 25: Your favorite legal drama
Day 26: Your least favorite legal drama
Day 27: A movie you think should have a sequel
Day 28: A movie you think shouldn't have had a sequel
Day 29: A movie that improved on second viewing
Day 30: Your favorite horror movie
Day 31: Your least favorite horror movie


Simon said...

If I were gonna be around in August, dear, I would be in. So good luck!

Luke said...

Nice to know somebody's game! It looks like I'm in it alone. Have fun doing whatever you're doing in August!