Tuesday, July 12, 2011

oscar predictions: PICTURE, DIRECTOR, LEAD ACTRESS updated

All right folks.  For those of you wondering, some bizarro script in my coding was slowing down the ol' blog, but all is well again!  So please come back!  Now on to new news... So may trailers and posters and release dates have been announced since last I updated the prediction pages, so I figured it was high time to get on that.  And since Tuesday is my merciful day off from work, what better time?  And this time I promise it won't take a month and a half.  (So I expect you to hold me to that.)

Starting off with Best Picture, consider some feathers ruffled.  My uber-confidence in The Tree of Life has certainly waned now that I've seen it - I doubt its ability to stick with voters with its surrealistic nature.  In other news, the Weinsteins are stepping up their game by snatching up big-name awards bait such as The Artist, The Iron Lady, and W.E.  Artist may just be the strange little anomaly that ends up with 10 nominations.  Which begs the question that I've plagued with - which seemingly ordinary movie is going to encounter sudden end-of-year success both financially and critically and land 10 nods a la True Grit?

Next up, be sure to check out Best Director and see how you feel about my choices.  Not much has changed there other than Malick getting bumped for Fincher's rising star.  Anyone else think Dragon Tattoo: America is going to make a lot more ripples than its Scandinavian counterpart?

And of the ladies actressing for the best of 2011 status, everyone's constantly talking about the showdown between Glenn Close and Meryl Streep... but what of Keira Knightley?  That new trailer is telling me that she could be the Portman spoiler to Close/Streep's Bening.  I don't think voters are really over their obsession with youth yet.  Plus that Knightley scene looks meaty to the max.


Castor said...

- Interesting Top 10. It's very tough to tell at this point with only two potential Oscar contenders released (Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris)

- Again, I find it interesting that you would have Midnight in Paris in the top 10 instead of having Woody Allen among the contenders for director. I would think it would be more likely than Midnight in Paris getting a Best Picture nod.

- While her scenes are out of context in the trailer of A Dangerous Method, judging from comments on the web, Keira Knightley is the laughing stock of the internet. Everyone is mellow and dramatic and then she suddenly appears amped up to the max, it's absolutely hilarious.

Sam Fragoso said...

I really like Knightley ... don't understand the backlash against her at all.

Oscars ... Dear God .. so far away.