Friday, August 05, 2011

august MOVIE MEME, day 5: first movie I watched obsessively

And we're out of tear country.  It was all well and good to soak our troubles in weeping, but let's get on to the early-life obsessions.  Really, the reasons most of us become movie buffs in the first place - those movies we first wore the videocassette out watching obsessively.  And this one's the earliest one I remember seeing several hundred times...

Clue (1985, dir. Jonathan Lynn) - It started out just being about loving the board game.  Ask my brother, and he'll tell you.  When he and I discovered that a movie had been made having to do with our favorite sleuthing toy, we had to bite.  It went right on the Christmas list.  Little did our parents know it would become the movie of, well, the next couple decades really.  I will admit that we watched the thing so many times in that first week (12, if I'm remembering correctly) that we had it memorized line-for-line by the time Week No. 2 of Clue-fest had begun.  And who can blame us, really?  If you've seen this movie, you understand how undeniably quotable and non-stop hilarious it is.  And with such a comedic gold cast as this (I mean, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Lesley Ann Warren, and Michael McKean alone would've been a big enough draw) it's kind of unimaginable that critics at the time trounced it for dragging.  They apparently were unconscious for the duration (most likely due to a lead pipe or wrench, I'd wager).  How else to explain the ridiculous rewatchability of this hysterical whodunit?

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TomS said...

Fun choice of "Clue"! Great cast of "characters". I definitely played the board game obsessively!

The first film I watched compulsively was "Cabaret" (1972). Images of such power, cut together with exhilarating precision, in a chilling and beautiful piece of filmmaking. No movie before or since has ever looked as good or moved so well. After nearly 100 viewings, I STILL see something new each time.