Wednesday, October 05, 2011

birthdays: october 5

Kate Winslet, 36, recent Emmy winner (just one more for the EGOT) and widely assumed heir to the Streep throne has come a long way from the fresh-faced twentysomething who headlined the biggest movie ever.  Though some may say she's lost her touch since 2004, I love the lady and always will.  From playing a wooable teen princess in A Kid in King Arthur's Court to posing for a saucy drawing in Titanic to dealing with a seriously insubordinate child in Mildred Pierce, Winslet's still got it.  Seriously people.
Glynis Johns, 88, though I've known and loved her as the wise-cracking grandma in While You Were Sleeping, this South African-born actress has a long, Oscar-nominated (The Sundowners), Tony-winning career.  She's probably best known as the "Send in the Clowns" crooner in A Little Night Music.  Or maybe you'd rather stick to her bit part in Molly Shannon's Superstar.  Now that's versatility.
Parminder Nagra, 36, it's hard to believe she's really in her late 30s considering how she looks exactly the same age she did 10 years ago in Bend it Like Beckham, but the actress has moved on since to a long-running stint as complicated med student Neela on ER and has laid pretty low since.  Get this fantastic Brit some work, please!
Karen Allen, 60, though she's been little-seen since her brief hey day in the '80s (let's pretend the Crystal Skull never happened), let's all think back at how great she was as the ultimate Indy girl Marion in Raiders of the Lost Ark and supporting Jeff Bridges' otherworldly performance in Starman.  Oh, and doesn't talking about her make you want to go watch The Sandlot?
Jesse Eisenberg, 28, he had a big year in 2010, mumbling his way to an Oscar nod for playing unlikable in The Social Network, but beyond his droll comedic turns in Zombieland, The Squid and the Whale, and Cursed (hmmm... was that not a comedy?), it also turns out he can claim the '90s Pepsi girl as a member of his family.  Now that's Oscar-worthy.
Guy Pearce, 44, though he's kept busy of late winning any Emmy for spurning his birthday buddy (see celebrant No. 1) on the small screen, this Australian actor's resume is mostly dominated by films, including the no-nonsense Edmund Exley in L.A. Confidential, the confusing tattoo canvas Leonard in Memento, and of course, both Adam and Felicia in drag road trip flick Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
Scott Weinger, 36, another one it's hard to believe is pushing 40, he'll be remembered in the flesh as DJ's squeaky-voiced beau Steve in Full House and in voice-only as the rascally street thief Aladdin in, well, Aladdin.
Bernie Mac, (1957-2008), though he got his start in goofy comedies House Party 3, Friday, and Don't Be a Menace, etc., his big break came as the patriarch of the equally goofy household in his self-titled show.  Though he passed far too young, he was able to muster up quite the break-out career in television and later films such as the Ocean's trilogy and the highly underrated Charlie's Angels 2 (for real, it's actually really funny).
Mary Gibbs, 15, though her name may not be familiar immediately, the young actress has stepped away from the profession since her memorable performance as Boo in Monsters, Inc. Sure, she helped out with baby lion voicing in The Lion King II, but she's currently facing the adventures of high school instead of Hollywood.

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