Thursday, October 06, 2011

birthdays: october 6

Carole Lombard, (1908-1942), though she left us at a remarkably young age due to a tragic plane crash, the much-loved blonde bombshell made a career out of having great comedic presence and even managed that elusive Best Actress nomination for a comedy in My Man Godfrey.  Well-known for her smart blonde persona and tip-top paycheck in the 1930s (apparently no one topped her salary, not even the president), she was the epitome of a talkie star 80 years ago.
Elisabeth Shue, 48, essentially the Benjamin Button of 80s stars (though Matthew Broderick sure rivals her), the spritely young actress made famous playing Daniel Larusso's plucky girlfriend in The Karate Kid and girl-next-door Chris Parker in Adventures in Babysitting later ditched the good-girl image in her Oscar-nominated turn as a prostitute in Leaving Las Vegas.  Sure, she slummed it last year in Piranha 3D, but the woman has more than proven she not just an ageless wonder.
Ioan Gruffud, 38, aside from his incredibly confusing name, before he tried his hand at television side-by-side with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the new CW mystery Ringer, he blew up A&E in the late '90s as Horatio Hornblower, fumbled through some semi-blockbuster critical failures like Fantastic Four and King Arthur, and even uttered the chilling line, "Is anyone alive out there?" in Titanic.
Janet Gaynor, (1906-1984), she's perhaps most well-known as the first-ever winner of the Best Actress Oscar in 1927's Sunrise... and Seventh Heaven... oh and Street Angel (different times, the '20s), but she also served as one of the biggest names in the silent film era and famously originated the role of Esther in 1937's A Star is Born (her other Oscar nod), after which she largely stayed away from the cinemas.
Olivia Thirlby, 25, perhaps best known as the title character's fast-talking cheerleader bestie in Juno, she got her start as a startled passenger in United 93 and has since stuck mostly to supporting turns in The Wackness and Margaret.
Jeremy Sisto, 37, like his fellow birthday buddy above, he's got a new show out on the telly (Suburgatory), though he broke out as part of the well-versed cast of Clueless, followed by the title role of the TV movie Jesus, a recurring part on Six Feet Under, and a stint as the lead on the now-defunct Law & Order.

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