Tuesday, July 03, 2012


First thing's first - no, I don't think so highly of myself that I liken my return to that of a king.  It was just the first "return" film I thought of when searching for pictorial representation.  And though I haven't been away from my throne and journeying and toiling and whatnot quite as much as Aragorn of Arathorn, I would like to express my excitement at the prospect of a return... to the blogging world.

March honestly doesn't seem that long ago, but in internet terms, it might as well be the amount of time it takes to cross the Shire, Rohan and Mordor - round trip.  So I'm guessing all you loyal buddy-readers of mine from eons ago have moved on to bigger and better things since then.  But for the sake of putting my movie thoughts to print (and more than likely talking to myself) I proceed nonetheless!

Much like many a film character before me, I've become something of a workaholic (ah yes, perhaps Top 25 Movie Workaholics would be a fitting near-future post) and my blogging has fell by the wayside, but it's far too joyful to take part in to give up completely, so I'm, well... returning.  With high hopes of getting back to some form of regularity in posting forthwith.

I can't wait to get caught up on the goings-on of the past three months of film and television banter!

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