Wednesday, February 20, 2013

making a comeback...

Yes, promises have been made, broken, made again, broken again even more quickly... and yet, I simply can't stay away. The film blogosphere is too wonderful and too attractive a mistress to shake. So I'm embarking once more, hopefully for a longer-term future, on Journalistic Skepticism. It's been far too long, and I need a fix. So blogging, I have returned to you with every intention of sticking around this time... for the kids. But where did we leave off? It's been many months since my last post, and the Oscar nominations have come and gone. So perhaps a fresh start in 2013 is just the ticket! Here's what you may be seeing on ye olde blog if you stick around - Valerie is begging you to!

*Madly In Advance Oscar predictions for all the major 2013 races - I'm know clairvoyant, to be sure, as evidenced by my attempt last year that yielded many nominations for The Great Gatsby and Gravity... second time's a charm?
*2013 reviews - it's a slow start to the year, but a write-up of the McCarthy/Bateman vehicle Identity Thief is coming your way.
*Continuations of old favorites will ensue - perhaps an addition or two to the Merylfest series (see right-hand column) and some resolution to my top 100 films revamp (see left-hand column).
*And boldly going where this blog hasn't gone before - Music; namely, an all-time top 100 songs countdown, for whatever that's worth, entertainment-wise.


onthescreen said...

I look forward to your blogs

Brandon W. said...

If you need the tracks from volumes 1-3 of 'Mo Mix, let me know. ;)

Luke said...

Genius! Truth be told, I would not be surprised at all if some of those tracks find their way onto the countdown. :)