Sunday, June 12, 2011

oscar predictions update: BEST ART DIRECTION

In honor of the Tonys playing out tonight, and an inevitable trophy for set design and such for the play War Horse, I thought it the best time to do a bit of updating on my Art Direction predictions for Oscar (just scroll down below the Cinematography and Costume Design sections).  And yes, War Horse has risen in the ranks.  I doubt its potential in acting and writing, but art direction seems like a sure thing.  Check out the picks, and let me know what you think, readers!


Mikhael said...

I don;t think Super 8 is a standout for Art Direction. Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men first Class in my opinion has better artistic design.

Unknown said...

I'm bored with "War Horse" and it hasn't even opened yet. I'm all about the Dragon Tattoo cinematography at the moment!