Thursday, June 16, 2011

oscar predictions update: COMPLETE!

Well, it only took about a month and a half, but I'm finally done updating my Oscar predictions.  Check the menu in the top left to take a gander at the new finished categories - Best Film Editing, the sound and music categories, and Best Animated Feature.  And here's my most recent nomination tally below:

10 nominations
The Tree of Life

8 nominations
War Horse

6 nominations
J. Edgar, Carnage

5 nominations
Moneyball, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

4 nominations
The Descendants, The Help, The Iron Lady,
Hugo Cabret

3 nominations
The Ides of March, Albert Nobbs, Super 8,
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,
Transformers: Dark of the Moon,
Adventures of Tintin

2 nominations
We Need to Talk About Kevin,
My Week with Marilyn, Captain America,
The Muppets, Cars 2

1 nomination
This Must Be the Place, Coriolanus,
A Dangerous Method, Rampart, Young Adult,
The Rum Diary, Pirates of the Caribbean 4,
Rango, Rio, Winnie the Pooh


TomS said...

Wow, Luke....Makes my head spin, a little! Do you base your predictions on pedigree, buzz, or inside info?

Very interesting....I will save this and check back in December, as the critics groups start their awards...

I wonder how many will target "War Horse" as a stuffy, British, costume-war-drama and Oscar Bait...As you know, I love this kind of thing, especially where an animal is involved.... Hope it turns out well, and not mawkish...

Well, more later...much more, after the films are released....

Sam Fragoso said...

J. Edgar is likely to be pushed back to 2012.