Sunday, June 26, 2011

who played it best? - JO MARCH

Well first thing's first - need to wrap up our last outing with this series, debating who played the best Juliet Capulet.  It ended up being a pretty landslide victory for Zefferelli's 1968 outing with Olivia Hussey as the young lovebird.  I'd have to agree with you all on this one!  But on to the next big question... who played Josephine "Jo" March of Little Women/Little Men/Jo's Boys fame best?

I'm restricting you to these (possibly) most-well-known options.  Though feel free to write in more obscure or more well-liked candidates in the comments.  But who played the best Jo?  Get to voting on that poll over in the righthand column!

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Andrew K. said...

Hmmm, who shall I vote for? I wonder if this poll will end up being as lopsided as I think…