Tuesday, July 05, 2011

remember when: CAST of NURSE JACKIE

The uniquely enjoyable gang on Nurse Jackie may be gone for another off-season nine months or so, but it's time to give the Remember When treatment to the staff at All Saints.  From some of their earliest work in film and television and on stage to the bumbling crew at the Chicago hospital, here are the six core performers...

Before she was the tough-as-nails, drug-addicted Jackie Peyton, and before her regular roles on HBO's Oz and The Sopranos, Edie Falco was an indie darling in 1990's Trust, starring the late Adrienne Shelly.

Before playing snarky snob Dr. O'Hara on Jackie, and before her recent supporting turn as the infamous Wallis Simpson in The King's Speech, Eve Best played the title explorer's sister Eleanor in the 2002 TV movie Shackleton.

Prior to playing the goofy, eccentric nurse Zoey Barkow on the Showtime hospital comedy, Merritt Wever played one of the competitors in the bloodthirsty competition Series 7: The Contenders, a 2001 film about a murder-happy reality show.

Before playing domineering hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus, and before becoming an in-demand character actress on the likes of Dave, The American President, and The West Wing, Anna Deavere Smith performed her 1992 one-woman show Twilight: Los Angeles.

Before he was playing self-absorbed mamas' boy Dr. Fitch Cooper on Jackie, Peter Facinelli played pompous jock turned prank victim Mike Dexter in the 1998 teen comedy Can't Hardly Wait.

Prior to playing Jackie's pharmacist extra-marital boyfriend, Paul Schulze played loads of bit parts on television and in film, including a brief run in 1998 on HBO's Oz.


Andrew K. said...

Ugh, NURSE JACKIE's supporting cast is brilliant. Best, Wever, Smith and the hilarious Facinelli. Why can't they get Emmy love?

Luke said...

I'm not entirely sure. I mean, Merritt Wever has to be one of television's greatest finds in recent memory. Love the woman.