Wednesday, August 24, 2011

august MOVIE MEME, day 24: last movie I hated

It's tough to find hateful movies these days.  With word of mouth and a critic in everyone, it's much easier to avoid awful movies if you try hard enough.  Then again, occasionally one has a lapse in judgment.

Hop (2011, dir. Tim Hill) - Don't let the promotional material fool you.  There's nothing appetizing or confectionary about this movie.  If you enjoy fart jokes and dated pop culture references, this movie's for you.  If you'd like to avoid those, as well as seeing James Marsden and Elizabeth Perkins slum it in this grandiose flop, reconsider picking this one up from Netflix.  Russell Brand stars as the wascally wabbit who's heir apparent to the Easter Bunny throne.  Through a series of silly missteps, he ends up living with Marsden's human character, who spends most of the movie making outlandish faces and encountering pratfalls.  Clearly banking on puking vibrant colors and haphazard effects, it's just another cog in the Alvin and the Chipmunks crazy train of box office glory.  And yes, the sequel will probably be twice the madness.

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TomS said...

A few days after Jean-Benet Ramsey's sordid tale of possible kidnapping and murder resurfaced in the news, I saw "Little Miss Sunshine."

That surely in fluenced my angry reaction to the film afterward.

A couple of years later, I watched it again, and liked it even less. I know I am largely in the minority here, but I did not find one honest moment in the entire movie.

I hated to dislike it because I loved most of the cast members. Still, I found it manipulative, an odd blend of pedophilia and "National Lampoon's Vacation."