Tuesday, August 23, 2011

august MOVIE MEME, day 23: first movie I hated

Hate is such a strong word.  Though I hesitate to say I "hate" anything per se, I suppose it was pretty new and strange the first time I realized a movie could be bad.  I was a mere eight years old when my pure ideals of movie magic were disheveled by the following...

The Pebble and the Penguin (1995, dir. N/A) - I'll admit, I haven't seen this movie since its theatrical release - for very good reason, of course.  But due to that, I barely remember even the premise.  I'll let IMDb due some assisting in that area:  Hubie the penguin wants to win the girl of his dreams by presenting her with a betrothal pebble, but is thwarted by an evil romantic foe.  For someone in elementary school to pick up on the chauvinistic tendencies of this movie must mean they were pretty clear as day.  (Perhaps the fact that the move has no credited director bodes illy for its quality chances.)  I distinctly remember the women as wimpy, buxom property of their male counterparts being very evident throughout the duration.  And can we talk about the fact that the female penguins had bizarre body proportions, hourglass figure and full chest and all?  The movie was just atrocious - even obvious to an eight-year-old.

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TomS said...

Guess I'll have to scratch this one off my must-see list. LOL... Too bad it sounds so dreadful, especially since its aimed at kids.

I've seen so many awful movies, real bombs, that just to mention them is painful. That, and I would hate to pique anyone's curiosity by mentioning any of them.

Anyway, the first one I can remember was something called "Mandingo" which was as horrible as having to sit for two hours in a room where someone just hurled on the floor.