Saturday, October 08, 2011

birthdays: october 8

Sigourney Weaver, 62, can we talk about how impossible it seems that this woman is 62?  The '80s action babe has aged like fine wine, moving from heroine roles in Ghostbusters and to a greater extent Alien/Aliens, into serious dramatic roles (A Map of the World, The Ice Storm) - not to mention she's hilarious... see Heartbreakers, Dave, Working Girl, and The TV Set for proof.  Plus, she was the backbone of the glorious WALL-E and, it so happens, Avatar.  Bravo, Sig.
Matt Damon, 41, he got off to a nice start, nabbing an Oscar with fellow bro Ben Affleck for writing Good Will Hunting, but since he's more than proven himself as a future legend of the movies.  Thanks to high-profile roles in Saving Private Ryan, the Ocean's trilogy, and The Departed; an incredibly bankable turn in the thinking-person's action series Bourne; and fearless choices such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, Damon's legit and here to stay.
Chevy Chase, 68, though he's currently annoying the hell out of the crew on Community, he's had a long career in sketch comedy (thanks, SNL) and a host of popular films - most notably, perhaps, Caddyshack, the Vacation movies, and Three Amigos.  Sure, the talk show didn't pan out and the '90s weren't exactly kind to him, but a return to television was just what the doctor ordered.
Angus T. Jones, 18, I like to remember him as the precocious son to Dennis Quaid's Jimmy Morris in the better-than-you-remember The Rookie, he's probably most known for his role in the unfortunate Two and a Half Men.
Paul Hogan, 72, this Oscar-nominated screenwriter (yeah, I'm not even kidding you) is almost entirely known for his one-and-only big role, the Crocodile Dundee.  Nobody can really be surprised that he never really lived down the role, as his miniscule filmography includes only one major departure, Lightning Jack, an Australian outlaw in the wild west.  Hmmm... they didn't even bother changing the wardrobe?
Darrell Hammond, 56, considering it's about a 50/50 shot for an SNL star to go on to movie glory, is anyone else surprised that this slam-dunk of an impressionist, who happens to have great timing, never really made it outside of the late-night comedy show?  He's had some small parts here and there, but it's kind of shame the longest-running SNL cast member can't get work.
R.L. Stine, 68, a great contributor to kid lit in the '90s and beyond (kids still read Goosebumps right?), it was a rite of passage to move on from the more juvenile series to Fear Street - what a status symbol!  Once you read the comparably scarier series, you were officially a teenager (at least in spirit).  He still keeps busy as a highly prolific author, but beyond a Saturday morning TV series, his books haven't really gotten their due in film, despite the wealth of source material.
Emily Procter, 43, another person who's become most well-known for an underwhelming CBS show (CSI:Miami), I like to remember her as the plucky Republican Ainsley on The West Wing.  The drawly North Carolinan has stuck mostly to CSI, so the story kind of ends there.
Soon-Yi Previn, 41, though she might not make sense entirely on this blog (though she did play one of several adopted children in Hannah and Her Sisters... yeesh), she's simply too famous amongst Hollywood types to avoid noting that the most awkward courtship of all time now includes no one 40 and under.

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Dan said...

Sigourney Weaver is 62! You are kidding me! Of course I've been enjoying her work since the 1980s but I saw her in Abduction and there's no way she's 62! Wonderful actress.