Sunday, October 09, 2011

birthdays: october 9

John Lennon, (1940-1980), sure, he just so happened to be a major cog in the greatest band of all time, but aside from his lasting Beatles legacy, his astonishingly successful solo career (just how many former bandmates go on to achieve success solo, other than Beatles?), and his peace and love philosophies, he's still an icon for today's music.  I mean, every inspiration and hero amongst today's artists, it seems, is still boasting a Beatle.
Sharon Osbourne, 59, it's hard to imagine that her claim to fame was once simply as Ozzy Osbourne's wife, but since then she's eked out a career co-hosting talk shows, providing judging feedback, and making MTV viewers laugh as part of the reality scene.  It doesn't hurt that she's a charmer and a true family gal.
Brandon Routh, 32, his stardom rests almost solely on the fact that he played the title role in the not-so-successful reboot Superman Returns - which I'm from the small camp of folks that thought it was a pretty good movie outside of the wretched Lois Lane potrayal - but other than that, he's stuck mostly to bit parts, most notably in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Of course, there was also Dylan Dog earlier this year - did anyone see that?
Tony Shalhoub, 58, though he's become known as the OCD detective who wouldn't stop winning Emmys away from any new kids that came along, I like to remember him as Antonio, the harmless, hopeless-in-love Italian taxi driver in Wings.  And of course there was that whole head-exploding incident in Men in Black...
Pete Docter, 43, a part of the Pixar Animation family, he helped write the first two Toy Stories, Monsters Inc. and its upcoming follow-up, WALL-E, and Up, winning an Oscar for the last one.  Along with these accomplishments, he also sat in the director's chair for both Up and Monsters Inc., and provided the voice of the scoutmaster in his own Up.
Guillermo del Toro, 47, the new school director has made a name for himself among eerie, fantasy thrillers with the likes of Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage, sidestepping into superhero movies occasionally with the Hellboy movies and Blade II.  Sure, he had a supposed misstep this year with Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, but he's already got the high-profile Pacific Rim coming up the pipeline.
Zachery Ty Bryan, 30, well, it seems the second Taylor boy has turned 30 - playing the eldest, troublemaking son of Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen on Home Improvement for eight seasons, he's since stuck mostly to guest spots and direct-to-video horror types.
Lorna Raver, 68, little-mentioned character actress who's had a guest role in virtually every TV series over the last 20 years, she rose to minimal fame thanks to a grotesque role as the villainous gypsy in Drag Me To Hell, for which she received little fanfare, outside of an LCT Award nomination (yeah, that's me).
Chris O'Dowd, 32, thanks to charmingly wooing Kristen Wiig this year in Bridesmaids, he's risen to some degree of fame, but before that Irish-born actor frequented other goofy comedies (Dinner for Schmucks, Gulliver's Travels) and starred in the hit British comedy The IT Crowd.
Fyvush Finkel, 89, beloved Jewish actor who rose to fame later in life as part of the critically acclaimed cast of Picket Fences, for which he won an Emmy in 1994.  Aside from the that, he taught at Boston Public for a few years and had small roles in A Serious Man and Nixon.

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